October 9, 2019

22s and CMUs

THE SCENE: Foggy and cool. Almost perfect as the sounds of Jock Jams Vol 1-5 filled the air.

I ain’t gettin paid, y’all ain’t payin to be here, etc

22 (Jack Flaherty) SSH, Daisy Pickers, LBAC frontwards and backwards, merkins

Mosey around the big loop stopping 3 times along the way to do some core work.

  • 22 BBS oyo
  • 22 Freddie Mercury IC
  • 22 Mountain Climbers oyo

We split up into 2 groups, 5 pax and 6 pax, to do some circuit work with concrete. AMRAP until 6:15. Runner paces the deal running 1 lap around the parking lot. Other pax complete as many CMU reps as possible  of the following exercises until he gets back. Line moves forward as it continues.

  • Blockie
  • Curl
  • Shoulder Press
  • KB Swings
  • Goblet Squats (team with 6 PAX)

11 PAX: Boudreaux, Datsun, Lochte, La-Z-Boy, Carter, LinkedIn, SlicNut, Rocket Launcher, Corn Cob, Red Light, Spirit Stick QIC
Briefly shared the story of Kevin Atlas. He became the first one armed Div 1 college basketball player.  more here 

Kevin’s challenge to all of us is that we all have a nub. Some are more visible than others. Embrace the nub, embrace the things that cause us to not push forward. Strengthen those weaknesses to do great things. Kevin travels around the country speaking to high school students hoping to inspire them to inspire each other.

I had planned for this to be done in groups of 4 making the runs more frequent. Judging by the PAX reactions when I shared that info, it might be best that we had an odd number.
Reminder of what it takes to earn 345