September 6, 2019

.22 Sounds Light, But It’s Still Deadly

THE SCENE: What a beautiful morning. A slight taste of pre-fall hung in the Delta Fair tainted air. Shorts weather but a sarong is now acceptable for PLC.
Properly given to all by YHQ and then an addendum was delivered for our late package arrival by DHL.
Short, Sweet, To the point.
SSH x20
Arm Circles 10 Forward 10 Back
Daisy Pickers Slow and smooth until all Pax joined in. 10?, 20? Who knows? Chaos rulz!
Imperial Walkers x20

A 1,2,3 trip around the street side of the park with 2 sets of 11’s on the famous Annex hills making for a “.22 cal beatdown“. A light load on paper but still able to get the job done. “That first part was deceptive,” said Gomer…. ah out of the mouth of babes.

  • Mosey West to Library Circle Drive 10 Patty Cake Merkins, 20 SSH, 30 Squats
  • Mosey North to Park Entrance (Tremor was literally in the street) 10 Patty Cake Merkins, 20 SSH, 30 Lunges
  • Mosey East up the street and hold AlGore(Climate-Liar-Tennessee-Traitor) till all in.
  • BIG hill for 11’s – burpees, crawl bear, squats, bear crawl
  • Mosey South over to the Small hill for 11’s – merkins, run hill, squats, repeat. Planned to do more bear crawls but chaos (and time) rule here!
  • Oh yeah, Farmer learned today that the door to the bathroom is locked.
  • Run 400M loop back to startex (Good sprint by all to get back in time for Mary)

As promised – Stargazers for Aprox 15 seconds or something like that.
Who knows? Chaos was in control.
6 PAX (0 FNG)
DHL, Tremor, Iceberg, Farmer, Gomer, Gunshow (tAOQIC)
The seasons are changing. Always.
Everyone you meet today is going thru something. Everyone’s needs/emotions/situation are always in flux. Be watching for those around you who are going thru problems. Be willing to listen to those around you. Come along side, support a brother,  just be watching for what others are going thru and not focused on just yourself. You have no idea what others are facing today if you don’t ask.
With Speedy giving YHQ the flags for a few days, the ample supply of geese in the park could/should become part of PLC! A quick estimate suggests an easy 200lb harvest of meat. Sauté with butter, add some PLC and men’s breakfast would be historic! (There was mention of Beans having a heart-attack – so a secondary goal may need to be staying off the evening news)
I think something was mentioned … but I’m sure it wasn’t important.  Oh yeah YHQ forgot to announce the VAPE dinner at that second rate BBQ place Thursday or Friday or whenever.