November 4, 2017

21 for a Snotwoggler at the Mothership. **Warning: Do Not Try This At Home**

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Co-QIC: Four Eyes and O Positive

PAX: Heavyweight, Gus, Shoestring, F-150, Granola, Bruce, Anklet, Escobar, Pirtle, Oz, Nature Boy, Mama’s Boy, China, Billy Blanks, Teacher’s Pet, Tiny, Pops, Soybean, C-Lo,  Four Eyes and O Positive.

CONDITIONS: Partly gloomy and humid



*Lil’ mosey

*Sucker punch: 5 Burpees OYO

•SSH x20 IC
•Merkins x10 IC
•Seal Jacks x20 IC
*Windmills x10 IC


*YHC led the PAX on a lil’ mosey around the adjacent treeline along Hyde Lake


THE THANG: Crawl Bears. Bear Crawls. Sprints.

PART 1:: Led by YHC

Round 1:

YHC utilized  some nearby trees as a course

*PAX, one by one, would Bear Crawl weaving like a snake through a row of evenly spaced trees that covered 30 yards or so in length. Plank until all in.

Round 2:

*PAX would then move to the next shorter row of trees and Crawl Bear (Bear Crawl but backwards), weaving like a bear inebriated on too many blueberries, covering a distance of around 20 yards. Plank until all in.

Round 3:

*PAX would then sprint OYO to a tree marker than was 30 yards in length.  Plank until all in.

Round 4:

*PAX then sprint to a designated spot about 40 yards away.  All in.


PART 2:: Madness. Imagine Flutter Kicks and Broad Jump Burpees. But worse. Led by Four Eyes

Round 1: 5 minutes
*P1=Flutter Kick
*P2=Burpees x7 then jump over P1.  After every 7th Burpee, both do 5 Walking Lunges each leg. Repeat until time expired.

PART 3:: Legs and shoulders; 2 groups of 2
*P1 and P2 across from each other at bench.
*P1=Step up with each leg
*P2=Squats x2 while P1 Step Ups; swap
*P3=Wheelbarrow walk out 20 yards to Flag; rotate handler and walker
*P4=Wheelbarrow walk back from Flag

>P1 and P2=Alternate step ups/squats until P3 and P4 return then trade places


PART 4:: Run. Run some more. Nickname: Sandcrawler WMDD’s
*All PAX line up at the base of a hill 15 yards in length. Run up the very high grass then run back down.

*Starting from the right end of the line. PAX all run up the hill…run back down.  PAX do 5 Merkins (various styles utilized in rotating order: Wide Merkins, Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks. PAX on outside right side of line then runs behind the PAX the far left end of the line. PAX ran up the hill and down a total of 21 times.

*PAX would partner up again and do Evil Twins
>Calf Jumps with partner holding one leg. for 30 seconds. Rotate each leg-each partner.


PART 5:: Hand the reigns back to YHC. ‘Run Forest Run.’
*Lil’ mosey around a cove about 75 yards away.

*Using the parking lot parking spaces’ white lines…the PAX…OYO would ‘sprint’ to the 1st white line…run in place 5 steps…run to next white line…run in place 5 steps…repeat until the PAX released and sprint 75 yards back to the Flag.

*Flutter x10 IC then 90 degree x10 IC; repeat (Four Eyes)
*Partner Leg Push Down:
>Left, right then middle counts as 1; x5 each partner ; repeat (Four Eyes)
*Hello Dolly x20 IC (O Positive)
*LBC x20 IC (O Positive)
*Box Cutters (F) x20 IC (O Positive)
*Box Cutters (R) x10 IC (O Positive)



>YHC remarked to the PAX about the impression that Gideon from the Bible (Judges) made on him recently.  The audacity to demand God to prove He is God.  YHC challenged the PAX to consider if we have a tendency to do that from time to time.  YHC also encouraged the PAX to consider if we are allowing ourselves to ‘hear God’s voice and call on our lives to lead in the various area of our lives. PAX locked shields and lifted individual PAX prayer requests up.

>21 PAX came ready to work today.  Many (9, in fact) had just come off a 0200 to 0700 RUCK to join the other 12 for the BC from 0700 to 0800 then reconvene the final 4.5 mile Ruck back to starting point ending at 0930. Gassed they were but grinded through with fervor. That’s the essence of this group of men. We are Doers. Many T-Claps to Four Eyes for collaborating and sharing the load with YHC today (1 of those 9 ruckers). Band of brothers. Better. Together.