October 21, 2020

2020 Passport Complete

60ish degrees and clear; Gloom perfection.  Arrived a few minutes early to set out some cones in the parking lot, assuming that the football field would be locked up as usual.  When I got to the Shovel Flag, a pre-running Halpert informed me that the gates were wide open.  I interpreted this as Houston HS’s invitation for us to use the beautiful turf field.  As a backup, I brought my permit.

Of course.

21s.  Announced that we would perform 21 SSHs, and that I’d count cadence for the first 5 only.  Not stopping together would incur a penalty.

Burpees x10 OYO (thanks, Floater)

Mosey to football field

The Millenial.

We lined up on one goal line.  The PAX would attempt to perform 100 reps of an exercise.  The first to get to 100 would shout “DONE!”, upon which all PAX would recover and sprint to the opposite goal line.  Rinse and repeat until all 10 exercises were complete.  (1000 total reps, hence the name).


  1. SSH (4-count)
  2. Lunges (100 each leg)
  3. Merkins
  4. BBSU
  5. Mountain Climbers (4-count)
  6. Squats
  7. LBCs (4-count)
  8. Overhead Claps
  9. Flutter Kicks (4-count)
  10. Burpees.  These were performed as a team: each PAX took turns performing 5 burpees while everyone else held plank.  Hobo needed to modify up to make it more difficult, so he did additional burpees on a few occasions to break up the plank time.  As we only had 17 present, we needed some extras to get to 100 anyway so this worked out nicely.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag.  This came just as some Houston HS employee was entering the stadium, presumably to throw us out.

ABCs IC.  Only got to ‘D’ before time expired.

17:  Bandwagon, Boudreaux, Carver, Choker, Dawson, Floater, Halpert, High Note, Hobo, La-Z-Boy, Landline, O Positive, Oral-B, Pops, Slicnut, Spirit Stick, Steinbrenner

23 days ago, Landline posted this challenge in Slack:  “Anyone want to do something dumb with me in October?  Hit up every AO every day in a row?  19 of them #passport901”

The offer to do something dumb is like a siren song to me, so naturally I volunteered.  I had completed the Memphis Q Passport last year, Qing a workout at every site in Memphis.  But that took me all year to complete; the most consecutive days I’d posted before was 7, in order to join Club 345.

There were several times during the last 3 weeks where I was sore, tired, and wanted to stay in bed.  But because I had a goal, and knew Landline was out there expecting to see me, I pushed through and finished.

Set a stretch goal.  More importantly, tell someone about it so they can hold you accountable.  #ISI

During the last round somebody remarked that we should go faster, as we would end up planking for 100 minutes.  Slicnut replied that he could not plank any faster.

See Slack.

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