December 31, 2020

2020 Memory Lane

Disclaimer – Given


Warm O Rama

SSH x 20

Burpees X 5

Daisy X 10

Shoulder Taps X 15

Lunge Stretch


Tha Thing

2020 Best of the Berm (minus @PaperTrail games)

  1. Wall of Doom (Mudpants) 1 min intervals of wall squat, balls to the wall, wall tap, feet on the wall shoulder tap and wall push
  2. Mosey to the upper parking lot (Millennial) – sprints, Frog jump, backpedal
  3. Mosey to the Berm Hill (Dont remember who forced this one on us) – Army crawled over the hill 10 merkins, Army crawl back over, 10 merkins
  4. Mosey to the field (Bailout) Frisbee toss while calling out the exercise- 1 round
  5. Mosey to the Gym – Pulls ups, dips, step ups, durkins and more Pull Ups – Celebrated Champions Club Pull Up – MP
  6. Mosey to Start X – Celebrated more champions (Shoulder Press – Millennial) (Merkins – Evan Almighty) (Paper Trail won something) Its hard to keep track…


COT – Manage stress by avoiding it…stop doing things that add no value and cause stress.  Look for one thing this week you can stop doing.

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