December 22, 2018

2018 F3 Reindeer Games

THE SCENE:  beautiful, crisp December morning, just above freezing,  amazing sunrise
SSH x 25 IC, Daisy Pickers x 15 IC, Imperial walkers x 15 IC, stretch what ails you.

Being December 22nd, Santa has been getting his reindeer into shape for their yearly flight around the world.  YHC was able to watch the exercises that Santa put each of them through, and modified these for the PAX.
Divided the PAX into 3 teams, each reindeer game was a competition between the 3 teams…it was going to pay to be a winner, but time was getting short.

Let the team pick the order by reindeer…I think this was the order.

Comet – 10 jumping lunges, 10 carolina dry docks, 10 BBSUs, – 3 rounds

Blitzen – 11s as a group, Merkins and Squats

Cupid – Tunnel of Love down and back appox. 25 yards one way

Donner – Ruck overhead pass backwards down, then sideways back, approx 25 yards one way, start over if ruck hits the ground

Prancer – Power skip indian walk with rest of PAX doing SSH (note: this is the point where the reindeer games started to unravel with much SSHopping forward in an awkward manner)

Rudolph – Burpee broad jumps down and back as a team, approx 25 yards one way

Dancer – Lunge walk indian run, with rest of PAX holding Al Gore, down and back

Dasher – shuttle run relay

Vixen – Bear crawl indian run while rest of PAX do mountain climbers.

Originally had 12 exercises that the winning team would pick the number and the losers would perform the work (think modified 12 days of christmas), but after 3 hill runs, 1 lap around the parking lot, 12 monkey humpers, 5 burpees, time was getting short, and there were some questionable reps by the “winning” teams…so we had to nix the extra work.  The PAX weren’t necessarily sad.

Let the Willy Loman from nashville pick the first exercise, he picked Freddie Mercuries.   we did about 40ish in cadence.
In honor of O Positive wearing his warrior kilt, we did hello dolly’s last.

18 PAX – Judah, Gaylord Focker (willy lowman from nashville), flatland, tiger lily, Teachers Pet, Anklet, Pirtle, handsy, bottomless, orange julius, rosetta stone, OP, rabbit, Pigtails (FNG), C-lo, Halpert, billy blanks, mama’s boy (Q)
During this christmas season, our family has been going to several events with very talented people using their gifts to bring joy into the world, whether it being singing, playing instruments, or dancing.  As Christmas nears, and we are giving gifts to those we love, I have been thinking about the gifts God has given all of us.  Starting with his son Jesus, God has bestowed on all of us some amazing gifts, that we don’t deserve, namely our faith, the ability to workout, a community, our jobs, and even this group of men that we call F3 memphis.    YHC wanted to encourage the PAX to take a little time to reflect on the gifts that He has given us, and to encourage one another how to use those gifts to better the lives of others in our families, our vocations, and each other as well.

Congrats on 3 men finishing Club 345 this week.  T-claps to Judah, Flatland, and Handsy.
Convergence on new years day at the Mothership, Gus on Q