September 22, 2017

Humid as death! 2 Mile Mosey

AO: University of Memphis track

QIC: Shoestring

PAX: Gus, Toms, Four Eyes, Hitch, Bookworm, Soybean, Phat Pat, Big Al, Radio & 3 FNG’s: Tail Feather, Splice and Frizzle

Conditions: 75F and clear! (Humid as death…)



Side Straddle Hop IC x 20
Imperial Walker IC x 20
Toy Soldiers IC x20
Merkins IC x 15
Annie IC x 15 each arm

The Thang
100 yard sprint & 10 squats(Rinse and repeat)

2 mile mosey.(South on Zach Curlin. Right on Walker. Right on Patterson. Right on Central Ave. Right on Zach Curlin)
Whenever the six needed a rest, PAX stopped and did flutter kicks until the six joined the rest of the PAX.

Flutter kicks x20
Boxcutters x20
LBC’s IC x20
American Hammer x15
Shoestring stretch
User’s Choice for remaining time.



COT / BOM: While reading the letter from Paul to Timothy, he refers to him as his “beloved son”.  The relationship between Paul and Timothy is of mentorship, fatherhood and brotherhood.  Scholars believe Timothy saw Paul persecuted and continue to do the hard thing in sharing the gospel of Jesus and said “I want to follow him!”  We get to do hard things and lead in a way that people say “I want to follow him!”

Moleskin: TClaps! to Soybean and Phat Pat killing the workout! They kept up with YHC and pushed me to keep a high pace. 3 FNG’s kept us fired up to finish the run and get back.  The gloom was extra gloomy with humidity today but we pushed thru.