July 12, 2020

2 for a Mens Health Farmer Tribute

THE SCENE: Barracks. Muggy, 75+


We are not professionals, you exercise at your own risk, you are responsible for your own well being, anything I say out here is merely a suggestion.


SSH, Daisy Picker, Imperial Walker, Squats, Merkins, Arm circles (10 front 10 back). Mosey to pullup bars.

All together: stretch legs.


5 rounds:

8 weighted lunges (each leg, hold CMU)

8 burpee-over-block (jump over CMU between burpees)

5 pull-ups.

After 5th round:

50 squats w your lunge weight.
Flutter kick holding weight over chest til al in.

(Drop your weight to modify if needed)


Line up where starting line of track curves off (near the big anchor).

With partner, take turns doing reps and running to pull up bar to do 2 pull-ups.

100: burpees

150: jumping lunges (we had to call for time around here, didn’t do merkins)

200: merkins (start w a set of derkins, then merkins, irkins, and knee merkins as needed)

Wait for six: flutter w weight over chest.


Side Dips. Groiners. Flutter. Gas Pumps. Rinse/repeat. (We did two rounds, stop for time)


2 PAX: Soybean, Four Eyes.


Listening. My wife really enjoys experiences and time away, and I really enjoy projects and accomplishments. I was talking to my wife about a great idea I had to build a garage behind our house. She was not pumped, and said, “if you keep planning projects to keep working on our house, we will never get away and actually do anything.”

Spend time with those you love or those you disagree with most. Have a focused conversation about what you value and be willing to sacrifice your priorities.


I saw the first part of this workout in a men’s health article. Much love to Farmer.

Four Eyes
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