July 5, 2018


Upper 70’s and Biblically Humid (Gen 2:6)

Welcomed to the Premier, free, all male workout in the City of Millington
Disclaimer disclaimed

SSH- IC x 25 (because I forgot to stop counting at 20)
Annie- IC x 10L  x10R
Daisy Pickers- IC x 15
Mosey to the scene (near the tennis court) with our CMU

1ST ALARM (25 reps of  movements)
Shoulder Press (CMU)
Lunge Steps (CMU)
Big Boy Sit-ups
Bear Crawl Around the tennis court (this was a fan favorite)
Incline Merkins (CMU)
-hold plank until all in-

2nd ALARM (50 reps of movements)
Curls (CMU)
Overhead Squats (CMU)
Little Baby Crunches
Mountain Climbers
Offset Merkins (one hand on CMU do a rep then transition to the other hand and do another rep)
-hold something until all in-

11’s turned to 7’s
Burpees and Monkey Humpers
Begin on one side of tennis court perform one burpee then run to other side and perform 10 MHers. This is when I first saw “The ZIMA look” I’m sure I had been getting it for some time but this is the first time I saw it.  Gentlemen, it’s not for the faint of heart.
Somewhere midway through this I omahaed to 7’s from of the original 11’s that we started with, for sake of time.

American Hammers- In USA Cadence x15
Flutter Kicks- IC x10
Big Boy Sit-ups- IC x10 (lead by Short-Timer)

6 PAX, no FNGs (Soulja Boy, Short-Timer, Zima, Wall Builder, Tree Hugger, No Fuego)

YHC spoke about hard work. I recently listened to an interview of Tim Kennedy  by Tim Ferris (stay with me here). During part of the interview Ferris asked Kennedy if he could put up a billboard  where everyone could read it what would it say? Kennedy’s response was “Everything you want is on the far side of hard work”. As soon as I heard him say that I knew that the first COT that I lead would be about this. He went on to say Freedom is only had because people worked hard to achieve it. If you want to be successful at something you must work hard. Want a good marriage? Work hard at it. Want a good sex life? Hard work.  Want good sleep? Work hard during the day, make good eating choices, put away the iPhone at night, all hard things that we must work  at. Want to grow spiritually? Put in the work to study and grow closer to God.
I left the PAX with a challenge to take notice and to be sure they are putting in just as much hard work in the other areas of their lives as they are during each mornings workout.

This was my first time to Q a workout and while I do lead people in my work they are not usually looked at as peers, this in some ways made today’s experience better. Better in a way that I didn’t need to show that I knew more or was more qualified to be leading than the others around me. It’s just a bunch of dudes working out together and to me that is a freeing thing.
Thank you to the guys that showed up and also to Choker for the public apology for not being there.

none presented