February 2, 2018

2/3/18 Service Project Preblast


This Saturday (2/3) we’re finishing what we started serving a neighbor near the Berm. Mothership bootcamp is still on (Mama’s Boy on Q), so please join us during or after that. The homeowner will be around, so please be sensitive and respectful!

What: We’ll be cleaning out a house to pave the way toward the owner moving back in. The courts have deemed the house unlivable, and hiring a company to clean it out can cost around $10,000. Our point person is working with Environmental Court and homeowners to address these issues in Memphis. Clean Memphis is delivering two dumpsters, and we’re responsible for getting EVERYTHING out of the house and into the dumpsters. Simple.

QIC: Four Eyes

Who: All F3 Memphis PAX are welcome and encouraged to come. Bring your FNGs. Older 2.0s could help, just use your discernment. Please consult with Four Eyes before bringing any guests!

When: Meet at the house at 0700 Saturday, February 3rd – Our job is to clean the house out. End time will depend on how fast we get that done. If you need to leave early or come later, that’s fine, just please show up!

Ruck at the Berm at 0550 before heading over, going clockwise on the track from the regular bootcamp starting point.

Where: See GroupMe or contact Gus, Four Eyes, or Soybean for the address 

What to bring: Gloves, dust mask (will have some there); please bring these if you have them available: dollies, wheelbarrows, scoop/transfer shovels; please bring these if you’re feeling generous: drinks/snacks to share with the PAX.

This is a great opportunity to bless a neighbor and show Memphis what F3 is about. This type of work always results in good fellowship and good stories. Don’t miss this!