March 11, 2019

2/28 – Lair – B.O.M.B.S – Halpert Q

THE SCENE: 40 degrees, foggy


1 – SSH x25 IC

2 – Slow Daisy Pickers x10 IC

3 – Merkins x10 IC

4 – Stretch OYO for one min


MERKIN MILE around the lake

Partner BOMBS on the turf field, 100 yd DORA for transportation partners

B – burpees x50 

O – overhead claps x100 

M – merkins x150 

B – BBSUs x200 

S – squats x200


No time.


7 PAX – Granola, Rabbit, Minnie, Hello Kitty, Dial Up, C-Lo, Halpert on Q


Be kind and patient with people.  When you’re driving, don’t be frustrated the person in front of you is going the speed limit and you’re in a hurry to go faster to get to your next probably not that important destination.  If that person had a sign in their window that said, “I’m learning to drive this stick, I apologize for any delays.”  You’d probably understand and be patient right?  Everybody is walking around with a different set of baggage, an internal struggle of some kind.  You don’t know what they’re going through and they don’t have a sign letting you know what it is that’s a weight on them, so be kind and patient always.  You have stuff just like they do.


Granola asked on slack who would step up to do his Februburpee challenge with him.  YHC lured him to the Lair, the furthest AO from his house.  It’s always fun to keep each other sharp, glad he ventured out to inspire the rest of us.  We all pushed each other.


3/16 – Big Buffalo 50K relay teams

3/30 – CSAUP Crucible, HC now, train, get it done with your brothers.