May 25, 2018

2.0s and CMUs

THE SCENE: Like 70 sumthin degrees. No rain but luckily still muddy from yesterday’s rain. Perfect conditions for the ridiculousness about to transpire. Three 2.0s posted this gloom so the rest of the PAX were all like “Aw sweet we gone catch a break today” Ha ha. I’m laughing.

Had some FNGs so YHC started out by stating the mission and purpose of F3.

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Then the usual spiel:
-Not paid
-Not forced
-Push yourself
-Don’t break yourself
-Have fun

-SSH (of course) x20 IC
-Star Jumper x10 OYO
(This one felt a kind of silly to the adults but YHC was fine with that since it is his 2.0’s fav. Start out in crouched in a ball. Then, with gusto,  jump up and explode fully extending your arms and legs out like a star)
-ISW x10 IC
-Daisy Pickers X15 IC

Warmed up and ready to work.

All PAX above age 11 were packing a standard 28lb CMU. Those 11 and < had a 5.5lb paver.

Pick up your coupon and man on over to the field. Line up side by side facing the field. We bout to git in this mud.

Part 1:
Starting at the backstop perform 1 CMU squat, 1 CMU overhead press, and one CMU front shoulder row. Once your reps are complete violently hurl your coupon as far as you can. Advance to it’s landing spot and repeat the exercises, adding an additional rep of each. Keep this up until you reach the ratty old soccer goal that YHC found out in the field and decided to use as a checkpoint. When you finish grab your CMU and go fall in and finish with another PAX.

I want to take a sec to call out our FNG, Giant who happens to be a legit CMU CANNON! Seriously! Dude must have grown up throwing CMUs or something cause he tossed that thing like a pigskin. Snaped the wrist and everything.

Once all PAX arrived at the ratty soccer goal leave your coupons and mosey over to the parking lot for a couple of laps incorporating front mosey, side shuffle, and backward mosey. This kept the heart rate up while giving our toasty shoulders a chance to cool off.

Back over to our mud caked coupons. Time for the trip back.

Perform 1 Merkin and 1 mountain climber. Launch your coupon back toward the backstop and lunge walk to it’s position. 2 merkins, 2 mountain climbers… By now you get it. This is when Red Roofers CMU executed an Irish goodbye by unexpectedly falling apart unannounced. Textbook IG, amirite?

Cherry on top:
Had a little time to kill before Mary so we moseyed back to the ratty old soccer goal and bear crawled to the backstop.

-WW1 situps x15 IC
-Dying Cockroach x15 IC (lead by Orange Julius)
-Hip Thrusters x10 IC
(these were originally gonna be pickle pounders but YHC decided against that due to 2.0 presence)

9 PAX, 4 FNGs, 3 TPOs: Phat Pat;  Orange Julius; Roomba; Giant; Red Roofer; Breeze; Emmit; Ganon; Soulja Boy on Q

 (inspired by a chapter thusly named in a book YHC is reading with his M)

Baptist Catechism question 1
Q: What is the chief end of man?
A: The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.

“Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,
vanity of vanities! All is vanity.
What does man gain by all the toil
at which he toils under the sun?”
Ecc 1:2-3

The preacher here goes on to tell us how he tried to make life about himself by searching for purpose in things like learning, laughter, great projects, unbridled sexual pleasure, money, music, and even his children. None of these things, when elevated to his life’s purpose, led to anything but despair.

He tried to find purpose in the CREATED world and it didn’t work.

Even for Christians, too often we think we can settle for God after we have gotten our chance to taste of all the worldlyness we can. We don’t trust God when he tells us that those things won’t fill us up so we go and verify that point rather than taking God at His word. 

The preacher in Ecc eventually comes to the answer concerning his purpose.

“The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.”
Ecc 12:13

Scripture expands fearing God beyond our idea being afraid of someone. It’s standing in awe of God. It’s honoring, revering, and worshipping him, and not just because of potential condemnation. If you put your trust in Christ then no condemnation will befall you. Simply put, we fear God because he is God.

Challenge to the PAX:
Find your purpose in fearing and glorifying God and your identity in the righteousness of Christ.

Tclaps to our FNGs! (Giant, Ganon, Roomba, and Breeze)
Extra Tclaps to our 2.0s joining us! (Emmit, Ganon, and Breeze) these guys really pushed themselves and did great!
BTW, Breeze forgot to take his coupon with him. You’ll just have to get it next time you post!
Thanks to Phat Pat for the awesome PLCerealteria. Never thought that cereal and milk would hit the spot like that after a workout.

Memorial Day convergence Monday at the Baracks. All other AOs will be closed. Coffeeteria lacation TBD.