September 23, 2019

1st day of fall – 4 seasons workout

THE SCENE:  somewhat crisp, not too humid
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER – disclaimed at some point

PAX line up and in a football style fashion: down and back approx 10 yards:
high knees, butt kickers, Frankensteins, best stretch ever, bear crawls

THA-THANG:  Starting now, the PAX had to keep a 53lb kettlebell and a 60 lb sandbag off the ground for the entirety of the workout.  Switch out coupons as needed for fatigue or to relieve your brother

4 SEASONS: each a 7 min AMRAP

WINTER:  Winter is cold and bears hibernate in their caves.  Mosey to the “cave” (pavilion)     7 MIN AMRAP.  2, 4, 6 8, etc rep scheme of merkins, inrkins on bench, box jump, derkins

water break

SPRING:  Time to come out of hibernation and get your legs strong.  Return of the grown man thigh angle.  3 cones, approx 15 yards apart.  7 minute AMRAP, cone 1 = 12 squats, broad jump to cone 2, cone 2 = 12 mountain climbers, lunge walk to cone 3, cone 3 = single leg dead lifts, walk back to cone 1.

water break

SUMMER: When it’s too hot to move outside, iron still sharpens iron.   Partner up, then 7 min AMRAP,  partner resisted arm raises, front then side, switch.  Then partner resisted bicep curls and tricep press downs.

FALL: Beautiful weather, football season, really the best season.  Time to celebrate with 11’s of Burpees (start with 10 burpees, you know to make sure you get some exercise), then V-Ups, running the distance of the parking lot in between.   Did this for the remaining 8 minutes or so.   Nobody finished

Coupons never hit the ground…which was good for everyone.

No time
12 PAX (1 technically Willy Lowman) – Mama’s Boy (YHC), Stripes, Teacher’s Pet, Altar Boy, Dewey, Easily Amused, Goose, Lodge, Frisky, Sir Mix-a-lot, Thibodeaux (wl), One and Done,

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  This summer, I finished the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.  While it was a slog, there was a point in the earlier part of the book where the main character, Edmund Dantes, was falsely imprisoned.  Having spent over a decade in a dungeon, he finally gets his chance at freedom, and he’s forced to swim for his life.  As he was about to quit, and subsequently drown, a boat is coming to rescue him, and a man yells “COURAGE!”  This encouragement gives him the strength to take a few more strokes and as he’s about to sink below the water, the man grabs him by the arm and saves his life.

As we are walking through life together, sometimes we are the man drowning who needs to hear another man scream truth to us, “COURAGE!”   Sometimes we are the man in the boat, needing to encourage the men around us, yelling words of life, and if need be, reach out and save our brother.

In today’s workout, by design, some PAX are better at some exercises than others.  Some are naturally stronger, some have more endurance, some better at holding the coupons, but by doing the AMRAP style work, each man could set his own pace, encourage his brothers during the suck, and together get through each set.  In the same vein, the entire workout, 2 PAX were suffering under the load of the coupons of different sizes and shapes, so at any point, another PAX had to stop his own work during the AMRAP and relieve his brother.
Hopefully today’s workout was a small example of how we as men need to encourage one another, be there in the tough times when our brothers are struggling, to be able to shout words of encouragement, and if needed and possible, to help those men carry their burdens.

Sorry this is late!