January 10, 2019

19×77’s — Anyone listening?

THE SCENE: Upper 20’s

11x ssh ic —-11x merkins ic

Quoted Tony Horton

“The joy of discipline OR the pain of regret. Which will it be today?”

Discipline requires a constant 24/7 effort.

Quick 4 min jog to the 50 yard line of the GHS football stadium.

42x reverse crunches    (leg extensions upwards and outwards)

3 short minutes of plank (plenty of high/low planks and merkins) on  my command.

19×77’s –(birth year)–19x 77 yard sprints to the endzone and back with very little recovery time between them.  After the 1st 10 reps our lungs were screaming and hearts were a pounding.   I offered to call an audible but the men wanted to finish the sprints. (Looks like my warm-a-rama quote and quick talk worked)

Quick stroll up and down the bleachers on our way to the stables for 3 rounds of pull ups with the lights on.

Mosey back to flag.

5 min of mary — 1 min of stargazers
14pax – 1x fng (Colonel Sanders)

My 5yr old daughter called me out the other day about not listening to her describe her drawing.  So I started to make a effort to being a better listener.  It has opened my eyes to so much more joy. But at the same time I started to notice how few people in this world actually listen to me. People are quick to assume they know where the conversation is going and mentally check out if it isn’t what they want to talk about. It has proven difficult to have a real conversation with anyone the last few weeks.              It’s easy to talk but it takes effort to be a good listener. BE A LISTENER
Today was a blast!

The mumble-laughter was excellent!

The guys put in a solid effort as always.

U-Rock cashed in on doing 10x merkins per FNG at BS.

Everyone did 10x penalty burpees for the train.

*There isn’t a helicopter penalty yet but it did interrupt our stargazers.