19s at the Berm

THE SCENE:  Beautiful, green and 60

SSH x 19 (IC) 4 CT

Arm Circles OYO

Heel/Toe Raises OYO


Line 19/Suicides


1 Burpee—–

3 Burpees—- 3 Merkins

4 Burpees—–5 Merkins —– 6 JLo

7 Burpees—–8 Merkins —– 9 JLo —10 Squats

11 Burpees—–12 Merkins —– 13 JLo —14 Squats

16 Burpees—–17 Merkins —– 18 JLo —19 Squats

1 Should Tap—–

3 Should Tap —- 3 Plank Jack

4Should Tap —–5 Plank Jack —– 6 LBC

7Should Tap —–8 Plank Jack —– 9 LBC—10 Squat

11Should Tap —–12 Plank Jack —– 13 LBC—14 Squat

16Should Tap —–17 Plank Jack —– 18 LBC—19 Squat

1 Pull Up—–

3 Pull Up p —- 3 Step Up

4Pull Up —–5 Step Up —– 6 Dip

7Pull Up —–8 Step Up —– 9 Dip—10 Derkin

11Pull Up —–12 Step Up —– 13 Dip—14 Derkin

16Pull Up —–17 Step Up —– 18 Dip—19 Derkin

¼ mile Warrior Run

20 squats

¼ mile Warrior Run

3x Burpees, Merkins, JLo, Squats, Shoulder Tap, Plank Jack, LBC, Hi Knees, Merkin, Dip, Carolina Dry Dock

Mr Black, Tomb Raider, Laettner, O Positive, Lipton, Beauty Shop


Peter and Judas both make decisions during the final week of Jesus’s life that damage their own lives and their reputations. That said, their sins were not equal. Judas’s sin is premeditated. Peter’s is spontaneous. Judas’s has deep consequences (lead to arrest of Jesus), while Peter’s doesn’t have such deep consequences.

Most days have us doing more things Peter would do than Judas would do. We need to guard against ourselves for situations where we get stressed, anxious, and then eventually do something we regret.

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