January 19, 2021

46 degrees perfect. Starts to drizzle when I start to set up. Lasts about 1 minute. Beautiful Morning!


Done as we Run in place. Ask for 5 for principles of F3 (3 burpee penalty) We only did 3 burpees.

Imperial Walker x 10 in cadence

Daisy Pickers x10 in cadence

Mountain Man Poopers x 10

Chinooks x 10 (switch at 5) in cadence

Moseyed up the hill to the big field.  All the stations were lit and ready to go. All stations were done together. Once all in move to next station. When all stations finished Rinse and repeat 2x.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Station 1:Bearmuda Triangle

3 markers ~30yds apart in shape of a triangle. Pax performs one burpee at first marker and bear crawls to 2nd marker, 2 burpees and bear crawl to 3rd marker, 3 burpees and bear crawl back to 1st marker. Rinse and Repeat x 3.

Station 2:Duel– Take 3 paces turn around throw ball. 

If you get hit: 

10 No Surrenders (5 Switch starting leg) 15 Bobby Hurleys 20 Mnt. Climbers 2=1

Don’t get Hit

10 Squats 15 Calf Raises 20 Mnt Climbers 1=1

Station 3: Bear Crawl Hand Release Merkin

4ct exercise. Start in bear crawl. 3 count crawl with the 4th being the merkin. Hands should be staggered during merkin and if done correctly will result in each hand being staggered forward on opposing reps.

Station 4: Sprint 30yds 2x

Team Dodge Ball:

After all Stations were done 3 times we played a 3 games of dodge ball. (My team lost all three times) Game 1- If hit do 10 HR merkins. Game 2&3 If hit do 10 squats hand touches ground.

Fire Drill-

PAX in a circle, chopping feet. Each PAX calls out “Fire” all PAX hits the ground rolls right, merkin, roll back left, another merkin, then back up chopping. Go around the circle with the “stop, drop and roll” until all PAX have called “Fire”.


MARY: Dealers Choice
Paper Trail- Box Cutter x15

Lipton- Gas Pumpers x10

Beauty Shop- Catalina (No Wine this morning) x8?

Snookie- Plank 40 sec

10 (no FNG’s) Bandwagon, Croissant, Geppetto, Beauty Shop, Big Top, Lipton, Shy Guy (AOQ) Paper Trail (QIC), Prince Ali, Snookie


1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

Be careful and smart.  Whether we agree or not, God is in control and has allowed a different leadership in.  In America part of our freedom is to be able to disagree with government. Do it legally and peacefully.

I had done this workout at the Levee and I thought is was a fun workout.  I’ll admit it is not a killer one but it works multiple body parts and does a good job working quick twitch muscles.  I will not play dodge ball every time. I still had the balls in the car from The Bauer. Team of Croissant, Beauty Shop, Bandwagon, Snookie, and Shy Guy won all 3 games.

It was great to see Bandwagon (2nd post) and Croissant (1st post) at The Berm.  I like going to different AO’s and seeing others PAX post at my ‘home’ AO.


Paper Trail
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