February 17, 2021

18 feels warm!

Disclaimer and Welcome

Warm O rama

SSH 20

Daisy 15 

Imperial 20

Hill Billy 20

IC Merkins – 10

Mosey around the building

Tha Thing

Mosey to the field

Quarter Pounder 

Run 25 yards – 25 merkins

Run 50 yards – 50 squats

Run 75 yards – 75 shoulder taps

Run 100 yards – 100 Apollo Ono

Back down to start X 

CMUs  x 3 

Overhead press  20

Curls 20

Skull crushers 20

Durkins 20

Goblet squats 20

Blockies 10

3 min of Mary

Flutters IC 20

American Hammer IC 20

10 seconds of Plank


I shared a story of a rough deposition I went through for two days. The message what be care what you ask for when involving lawyers! (sorry Gus and Snookie)


Haley – Millennial’s wife and her pregnancy

Several sledding accidents occurred – Big Top’s son Rob needed four stiches

Squeegee’s friend had a grandchild die in a sledding accident in Nashville

6 for 6 for PLC – Laettner did not bring enough Joe for the weather.  Epic fail by the Q and will not happen again.




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