January 23, 2021


Cold 31 degrees (feels like 23), slight breeze. BEAUTIFUL Sunrise!


5:30- Warm-up And Disclaimer- 

          Jog in place- Say F3 Names

5 core Principles of F3: (3 Penalty Burpees if someone didn’t know) Had 5 PAX going for 345 asked each one one fo the 5 principles. 100%-Perfect-No burpees!

  1. Free of charge
  2. Open to all men
  3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Led by men who participate lead the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  5. End with a Circle of Trust



Imperial Walker x 10 in cadence

Daisy Pickers x10 in cadence

Chinooks x 10 (switch at 5) in cadence

Mosey on the road, up the hill (don’t realize how steep it is in my car), take left, continue to field near main building. See 9 beautiful USA flags flying in the breeze.

100 yds marked off in 25 increments.  3 flags at each end and 1 flag every 25 yds.  4 rounds of different exercises and agility. Every 25 yards you do 25 of the exercises and then do agility to next 25 yds. In total you do 100 of each exercise and 100 yd of the agility.

Round 1

Agility- 25yd High Knee

25- Merkins

25- Squats

25- LBC’s

Round 2

Agility- 25yd Backward Run

25- Carolina Dry Docks

25- Calf Raises

25- American Hammers (1=1)

Round 3

Agility- 25yd All You Got Sprint

25- Overhead Claps

25- Lunges (1=1)

25- Plank Jacks

Round 4

Agility- 25yd Duck Walk

25- Diamond Merkins

25- Mountain Climbers (1=1)

25- Flutter Kicks (1=1)

Finisher- 100 yd bear crawl and 76 burpees. (Didn’t think we would be able to get both done so I told Couch Potato if a PAX picked an even number we would bear crawl, an odd number we did burpees.) Steinbrenner was excited that Delaware was mentioned in a song, so I let him choose. He chose an even number. We Bear Crawled 100yds.

We only made it to 1700

Mosey back to Start-X
I was surprised that we still had 5 minutes left so we “Empowered” each other to get our last 76.  3 PAX did 10 burpees, 8 PAX did 5 burpees, and Couch Potato finished with 6 burpees to get us to 1776. I thought there was no way Mary would come visit but she did. We had two minutes. Dealers Choice: Chef chose Traffic light? and Steinbrenner finished us with A-Rod’s (Never had done those at F3)

12 PAX- Nature Boy, Chef, Prince Ali, Couch Potato, Tremor (AOQ), Farmer, Steinbrenner, Dawson, Shy Guy, Paper Trail (QIC), Speaker, Bootheel


Accountability vs Empowerment- From Harry Brown President of New Generations

Accountability- ‘I’ll check on you to make sure you did what you said you would do.’

Empowerment- ‘What do I have to do to help you get to where you want to be and I’ll trust you to help me get to where I want to be. I will walk along side of you.’

One thing that I have really noticed about F3 is that we do empower one another.  In our workouts we do walk/mosey/bear crawl/merkin etc along side each other.  We go and encourage the 6 or someone pushes the leader to push even harder. We don’t just say, “You said you wanted to get in shape, now do it.”  We actually work with each other.  Even more important is that we empower each other outside of BC’s.  I still have people checking on me to see if I’m doing ok.  We care about one another if someone has lost a job and we help them get through that.  We are happy and excited when a PAX has a new baby, or new job.  We trust each other to help us get us to where we want to be.

I took this work out from the PAX at Lehigh Valley and modified it some.  We didn’t have pull up bars so we did Carolina Dry Docks, no benches for step-ups so we did calf raises.  Also, instead of doing 100 of each exercise in a row, I divided it up into 25 segments. This made it a little more bearable for me.

Great group of PAX today. This was my first Q at Mothership and that extra 15 minutes makes planning a little more difficult. I disappointed Prince Ali by not having a game to end the workout- but after scouting for today’s workout, I have some ideas for my next time here.

I can tell you it is hard to beat the view of a beautiful sunrise, shining on a lake, with a gentle breeze, while 12 men work their tails off, and Old Glory is flying right above them.  I tried to take a picture of it but the cold killed my battery.


Paper Trail
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