September 1, 2020

Launch Day at Six Wicket


Launch day at soon-to-be-named Six Wicket. Low 70’s and muggy. 2 for pre-run (Cheez and Nature Boy) and 3 pre-ruckers rolled in from The Levee (Slicnut, Rabbit, and O Positive). PAX were congregating by 5:22. Launch day was, indeed, Legendary.


Did it.


SSH’s x20 IC

IW’s x 10 IC

Hillbillies x10 IC

Daisy Pickers x10 IC

Tempo Squats x10 IC

Merkins x10 IC


Mosey to the stairs at lower pond. 11’s on the stairs. Bonnie Blairs at the top and 4-count flutter kicks at the top.
Mosey to the dock of the upper pond. Partner up. 75 total burpees. One partner running the small loop of stairs while the other does reps.
Mosey to pavilion above staircase – 3 rounds of 12 derkins, 12 box jumps on the picnic tables, and 12 LBC’s
Mosey down the stairs of the upper pond – ROUND ONE: Run the stairs touching every step. ROUND TWO: Hop up the stairs touching every step. ROUND THREE: Broad jump up the stairs, hopping as many stairs as possible in each jump ROUND FOUR: One foot leaps up the stairs, leaping as many stairs as possible on each jump
Mosey to Startex


Thunderstruck by AC/DC – hold high plank and Merkins each time “thunder” is sung – didn’t finish the song because we needed Dealer’s Choice

Dealer’s choice to Spirit Stick: 10 Burpees – executed flawlessly, in cadence, on a 6-count (SS = TRUE. HIM.)

Dealer’s choice to Rabbit: Annie’s x 10 IC on each arm. I had not done these but it’s in the Exicon (


16 (17 if we were at The Turd) – Roots, Oneder, Rocket Launcher, Woody, Slicnut, Rabbit, O-Positive, Steinbrenner, Nature Boy, Captain Obvious, Lochte, Dial-Up, Laettner, Haverford, Spirit Stick, Cheezsteak on Q


I’m reading a book called “The Economics of Neighborly Love” by Tom Nelson. The Good Samaritan is quoted often as an example of loving your neighbor. Here’s his assessment:

“What made it possible for the Samaritan to help his needy neighbor recover? The Samaritan was motivated by heartfelt compassion, but he was also able to engage in loving action because he had the economic capacity to do so. The Samaritan’s economic capacity came from financial stewardship within an economic system where he added value to others. If we are going to love our neighbor well, we must not only manage our financial resources well; we must also have ample financial resources to manage. Distinguished economist Thomas Sowell emphasizes the need for economic capacity and caring for our neighbors when he wrote, ‘Ultimately it is economic prosperity which makes possible for billions of dollars to be devoted to the less fortunate.’ Compassion needs capacity if we are to care well for our neighbors.”

Let’s accelerate our capacity to both see our neighbor and then help neighbor. When you compare yourself to people within your neighborhood it’s too easy to think you’re one of the “have nots” when it reality we’re all likely among the 5%-10% wealthiest people on the planet. Be diligent so that you can be generous.


It’s exciting to launch a new AO. When I started F3, The Levee was Germantown’s only AO. Now we have 8-Track, Arcadia, Armory, Blazing Saddle, and now Six Wicket. There are lots of great options at Six Wicket – tennis courts for Lochte Leg Day, disc golf, several staircases, two athletic fields, hills, trails, etc. We took a little tour to see most of it this morning. It was also encouraging to see so many support the launch.

AC/DC was the playlist this morning….for Zima…may he rest in ruck.


IRON PAX – go get after it.

Tuesday/Friday at Six Wicket! Be there.

Prayers for Vengeance (see #announcements for a GoFundMe), Tommy with pancreatic cancer, an F3 brother in early stages of Parkinsons, and Spirit Stick’s soon to be here 2.0

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