July 15, 2020

SCENE- Muggy and Sunny

DISCO- check

WARM- Check


Mosey to the top of the big hill where Great View Dr E runs into Great View Dr N.

Partner work:

A. Run down the hill to the speed bump and run back.

B. amrap hand release merkins, bbsu, hillbillys, prisoner squats..

Originally I had planned to do something similar down the even bigger hill towards the Visitors Center  but it was extremely muggy and sunbaked so i decided to go for a pleasant run through the shaded woods. The PAX were all soaked with sweat at this point.

In the middle of our 18 min trail run we had 5 minutes of silence. Afterwards we got with our partners to discuss whatever it was they were thinking about.

Mosey back to the Startex

MARY: she lasted almost 15 mins doing various stuff because 60 min is a long damn time.

COT: Plenty of negativity in the world…choose to see and give joy as much as possible.

MOLE: The Mothership and it’s people were very cool. The workout sucked and all men pushed themselves.  Great to post with some new faces and nicknames.

Workout Date: