March 18, 2020


The Lair:  drizzling and 58 and solitude

25 SSH,  25 Daisy Pickers, 25 Imperial Walkers, Jog around field

Soccer Field Side to Side workout:  Began in each corner with 10 BBSU, sprinted to other side and completed 10 BBSU.  Transported 15yrds down sidelines with lunge walk.  15 BBSU, sprint back to other side;  15 BBSU and transport 15yrd lunge walking;  25 squats, sprint to other side;  25 monkey humpers; Transport 15 yrds 20 BBSU, sprint back to other side; 20 BBSU.  Transport to Midfield and head over to bleachers for 100 calf raises;  back to midfield for 30 BBSU and sprint to other side;  30 BBSU;  Same exercises in reverse order decreasing in count.  Rinse and repeat going back to start point.

BBSU x 300;  Squats x 100;  Monkey Humpers x 100;  Calf Raises x 200

Sprinted 200 yrds with 25 squats at each end

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“Solitude is a chosen separation for refining your soul.  Isolation is what you crave when you neglect the first.”  Wayne Corderio. Leading on Empty:  Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion.

Make this a time of Solitude.  Recharge and refine your soul through your family, reading, playing games and yes continuing to work on you.  It’s not nearly enjoyable working out alone, but it does give you time to reflect on yourself, your life, and the small things that can make you better for your family, friends, work, and yourself.

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