December 19, 2020

12-17-2020 at The Saddle


28* and wonderful. Chicken Little from Waxhaw, NC, joined us. Their region posted weekly relay editions of the Iron Pax workouts to try to prove some PAX were fudging their times/reps. He didn’t know what he was in for. Then Speaker showed up in his dino suit. #notacult


Modify as necessary but don’t modify until necessary.


SSH’s and not motivators x 25 IC

IW’s 15 IC

Hillbillies x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC



Mosey around the parking lot as close to a Germantown Police Dept car without it being too obvious we were about to Monkey Hump in front of him.

Monkey Humpers IC by Wheezer in front of the cop car. At this point Chicken Little may have been wondering if he’d ever come back to The Saddle.

Before we even had a chance to start our 10 minute AMRAP of the following exercises, we noticed the cop car had moved…..NTTAWWT.

  • 5 burpees (then run to the other end of the parking lot)
  • 10 Merkins (then run to the other end of the parking lot)
  • 15 squats (then run to the other end of the parking lot)
  • 20 flutter kicks 2=1 (then run to the other end of the parking lot)

Back to startex to grab CMU

“Flower” by Moby with your CMU

Mosey to parking spaces. 30 second AMRAP with a 12 second break in between:

Blockees, Curls, Pickle pounders, Kettle Swings, Block Merkins, CMU jumpovers, squats with CMU, flutter kicks holding CMU, Lunge with CMU, and Thrusters

Finished with “Rock and Roll Part 2” by Gary Glitter. You do shoulder taps to the beat and then every time they sing “hey” you twist your torso open and raise one arm to the sky.



No time.


Spirit Stick, Chicken Little from Waxhaw NC, Finkle, Haverford, Choker, Cantore, Hoya, Speaker, Paper Cut, Lochte, Rocket Launcher, and Cheesesteak on Q


We often get defensive when confronted but it can sometimes lead to meaningful change and transformation.

Prayers for a friend of Wheezer’s whose dad might pass, Cantore’s daughter having surgery on Friday, Chicken Little brother in law, and Ryan Howard’s sister in law.




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