December 26, 2018

11’s + B.O.M.B.S (with a side of Pull-Ups) 12/26/18


Cool, 47*


Did it


  • SSH (IC) – 40
  • IW (IC) – 14
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15


11’s + B.O.M.B.S. (with a side of pull ups)
I combined two classic F3 workouts and threw in some pull-ups because why not. Basically, we did B.O.M.B.S but instead of DORA style with a partner, we did each letter as a set of 11’s and added another exercise to correspond. We did a short mosey (~10 yards) between each exercise.

So – we did 5 sets of 11’s total. We tried to get small sets of pull-ups in between but were running out of time at the end and so cut some out.

10 Burpees —  1 Bobby Hurley’s (9-2, 8-3… 1-10 – same for all below)
  • Plank until all in.
  • Mosey to playground and perform 10 pull ups (modify to Aussie style if needed)
Overhead Claps — One legged squats (2 is 1)
  • Plank / Al Gore until all in.
  • 8 pull ups
Merkins — Monkey Humpers
  • Plank / Al Gore until all in.
  • 6 pull ups
Big Boy Sit-ups — Boxcutters
  • 0 pull ups (ran out of time, went straight into final set of 11’s)
Squats — Smurf Jacks
  • 0 pull ups


No time!


4 – Handsy (QIC), Bottomless, Crayfish, MIB


We tell our kids all the time – you can be brave and afraid at the same time. Don’t try to hide or deny your fears. You can admit being afraid and still be brave, strong, etc. In fact, denying or ignoring your fears can actually lead to a lack of bravery or strength. If we are going to be leaders we must be willing to recognize our fears and trust God to be with us in that.


We went about 2 minutes over time to finish. It was tough. Thankful for these HIM this morning…for a minute thought I might be working out alone. I was glad to push myself alongside these guys.


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