November 5, 2018

11’s at OF


50* and gloomy.

*I edited this post more than I care to mention and still couldn’t get the spacing right…tech fail.*

I disclaimed that I was not a professional, covered F3 principles for our FNG, etc….but I also disclaimed that the F3 Old Forest shirt I have been “illegitimately” wearing for the last 6 weeks would now be kosher, thanks to my V-Post at said AO.


SSH x20 IC

Arm Circles x20 IC (10 forwards/reverse)

Squats x10 IC

Merkins x10 IC

YHC has a few calling cards when I am on Q, much like the Wet Bandits had their calling cards in the awesome and incredible Home Alone movies. Poignantly enough, one of them is “Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba, so we started with that….we execute a burpee when they sing “I get knocked down” and then SSH’s in between. Handsy loved this…

Next was 11’s at Old Forest. We did 10 reps one exercise and then ran across the parking lot (approx 40 yards) before doing 1 rep of the other, then 9/2, 8/3, etc.  This totals 66 reps per exercise. After completing our 11’s PAX were Al Gore/High Plank until all-in.

Paired exercises were…

  1. SSH’s and Mtn Climbers (both four-count)
  2. Jump Lunges and Merkins (1=1)
  3. Squats (1=1) and Flutter kicks (four-count)
Sadly, I had more 11’s planned but we were running out of time and YHC had a few more calling cards for these OF’ers. YHC loves some “Flowers” by Moby, which is holding the down-squat position until “Green Sally Up” is sung and then back down on “Green Sally Down.” (If you want proof of these being the actual lyrics, please click here: or Google it!) Bonus stars were unofficially given to those who twerked during “Old Miss Lucy’s dead and gone…”  It’s just 31 squats but your quads are screaming by the time those 3 min and 28 seconds are up.  Handsy was NOT thrilled about this song, but he was a champ and powered through it.My last calling card is “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, which is holding a high plank with Merkins on each mention of “Thunder.” We were not able to finish the song before Endex….which was sad and awesome all at once….those last 45 seconds of the song are all THUNDER and would’ve been rough.
No more time!
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Proverbs 5 talks about the temptation to engage the adulterous woman. Proverbs 5:6 says “her ways wander and she does not know it.” That means the adulterous woman is causing deliberate chaos, which in many ways, mirrors The Joker in The Dark Knight (our Nantan, Gus, loves when I reference this character). The opposite of wandering chaos is Jesus, who, according to Hebrews 12:1-2, is the author and perfecter of our faith and causes us to run with perseverance the race before us. As men, the temptation to adultery is quite strong. When we keep our eyes on Jesus we are fit for his service.
It was a great morning to post at The Old Forest. Great to post with PAX that I do not see as often. I commend posting TCLAPS to Sir-Mix-a-Lot for bringing the bluetooth speaker for everyone’s enjoyment.
None mentioned!