September 1, 2018

11’s and BOMBs at The Mothership

THE SCENE: Plenty of sunshine and getting toasty quick…there ain’t much gloom left at 7am. Canadian geese gave us a flyover salute (sans droppings) as the disclaimer was given. I don’t like Canadian geese, but it was a timely moment.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Delivered with zeal.


SSH x15
Daisy Pickers x15
Imperial Walkers x15
Squats x15
Merkins x15
Mosey to the hill near the FedEx Center.


11’s – 4-count Flutter kicks, run up the hill, squats at the top, run back down
Mosey to the hill by the little amphitheater (if that’s what it is)
BOMBS – 50 burpees, 100 Overhead claps, 125 Merkins, 150 BBSU’s, 175 Squats
Mosey to STARTEX –
Line up with your partner again – one runs across the parking lot and back while the other does reps –  100 flutter kicks, 200 Imperial Walkers – YHC called an audible during IW’s to relieve the PAX…or so they thought.
Finished with “Green Sally Up Squats” accompanied by Moby’s classic “Flower” (Most PAX hated this song pretty quickly, but I was so into it I twerked…or something similar, who knows)

MARY: No time left


Teacher’s Pet, Snowman, Gland (FNG), Chaperone, Bus Stop (FNG), Sleep Number, Nickelback, O Postive, Tree Hugger, Grimace, Canary (Willy Loman from Nash-vegas), Orange Julius, Schrute, Standard Deviation, Nature Boy, Socks, Halpert, Moth Ball, Cheesesteak

In Mark 2:15-17 Jesus is dining with “sinners” and is criticized by religious leaders for associating with them. Jesus responded by saying he came to save sinners, not the righteous. Jesus calls us to love the broken because we are all need of his help and forgiveness. Those already in great shape physically, relationally, and spiritually might not be the kind of folks we invite to F3. We don’t need to EH those guys first. Let’s make sure we’re looking out for those who need F3 because they’re lacking in those areas….of course, we all need it, but you get the point.

After the CoT we realized there was no American shovel flag, so 10 burpees were completed.

It was a tough morning and a tough workout. Not much mumblechatter…maybe all those PAX were out of town. It was getting hot but the PAX rallied and worked hard. Great to have a Willy Loman with us.


None made, but GR12 is getting closer.