April 16, 2018


THE SCENE: Breezy, cold 30F.



  • SSH x 16 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Squats x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 16 IC

*moseyed towards the soccer field (<0.25 miles)*

Continuous Movement

PAX line up single file, side by side, arms length apart.  Goal is to perform continuous movement for 1 minute, rest, then for 2 minutes, rest, and then for 3 minutes.  Movement consisted of the Q calling “run forward”, “run back”, “carioca right”, “carioca left”, or “Burpees!”.   If “Burpees!” is called, then PAX before 3 burpees.  Finished this exercise at the far end of the soccer field.


PAX performed 1 merkin on one end of the soccer field, then ran 100 yards to the other end and performed 10 big boy situps, then ran back and performed 2 merkins, then ran back and performed 9 big boy situps. So on and so forth until ending with 10 merkins and 1 big boy situp.  PAX performed various ab exercises (flutterkicks, gas pumps, hello dollies, rosalitas) while waiting for the 6. Total mileage was 1.25 miles during 11s.

*moseyed to outdoor gym area from soccer field (~0.5 miles)*

Irkins, Dips, and Derkins Oh My!

PAX partnered up.  PAX #1 performed 20 irkins, 20 dips, and 20 derkins while PAX #2 held plank.  Then PAX switched.  Rinsed and repeated with 10 reps of each.

*moseyed back to flag (<0.25 miles)*


Hollywood side crunch x 10 IC (each side)


11 (1 FNG):  Bruce, Soybean, Rabbit, Snookie, Tiny, Cowbell, Houdini, Not A Sport, Lil’ Nicky, Beauty Shop, and 1 FNG (Speaker)


Q did not have much to say since it was a last minute fill-in Q.  Q encouraged PAX to go out and engage others around him. To lead and listen.


PAX endured a good workout in preparation for the APFT on Tuesday morning. 1 PAX was a little enthusiastic and splashed merlot.

GrowRuck Q & A at Huey’s in Germantown at 5pm, BrewRuck 901 on 4/28, Berm shirts can be ordered until 4/26, SOS Service project from 0830-1200 on 5/5, and Youth Villages 5K coming up!