January 8, 2018

New Year, New AO, Same Phatness (but 4 lbs less!)

AO: Bartlett AO Opening! (Freeman Park)

Date: 1/8/18 (Happy New Year you filthy animals!)

QIC: Phat Pat

PAX: Granola, Gus, Hitch, Big Al, Slots  | FNGs: Soulja Boy, Orange Julius, Mr. Wonderful, Part Timer (top shelf collab on the names this gloom)

Conditions: 40F and drizzly, 10 penalty burpees because Gus isn’t a real American



Side Straddle Hop IC x 25
Imperial Walker IC x 20
Hillbilly IC x 15
Windmill IC x 10
Cotton Picker IC x 10

* mosey to picnic shelter*

The Thang

Group Work
Find a partner
P1: “freshen up” by running to the Gazebo (on the hop Hitch!)
P2: EXERCISE. Trade off while partner runs. Help each other up/”tag out” to switch off. Pick up where partner leaves off after each run. F3 Vets partner with FNGs. Bring ’em across the finish line men!
Burpees x 50
Overhead arm claps x 100
Merkins x 150
Big Boy Sit-ups x 200
Squats x 250

Partners take turns.
P1: 5 Box Jump Burpees (modified to step-ups due to wet conditions)
P2: Flutterkicks

Heel Scratchers
From plank position: touch heel w/ opposite side hand under body + touch heel w/ same side hand on side + touch heel w/ opposite hand over body x 5 each
5 burpees
Repeat Heel Scratchers x 4 each
4 burpees
Repeat Heel Scratchers x 3 each
3 burpees
Repeat Heel Scratchers x 2 each
2 burpees
Repeat Heel Scratchers x 1 each
1 burpee



COT / BOM: Q accidentally skipped the COT trying to get the PAX out of the rain and honor the time. But later sent a brief word via GroupMe. When Jesus was transfigured, Moses and Elijah popped up. Peter wanted to hang out with them, Jesus, and the inner circle of three. But they were the point. Jesus’ glory was the point. They weren’t the show or the sideshow. They were simply there to point to the main show: Jesus. We ought to do the same. Be a man not for recognition. And be present so you can point to Jesus.

MOLESKIN: This was the workout QIC first performed when he was an FNG during Hurricane Irma last year with HIM Four Eyes on VQ. F3 doesn’t have to be complicated. The growth comes in the way we challenge and encourage one another to be better and work harder than we thought possible. One FNG splashed merlot. A thing of beauty.