May 6, 2019

1000 Rep Monday

THE SCENE: 59 degrees and perfect.  The Dawn is just beginning to lighten in the Gloomy Startex



10 x Daisy Pickers IC 

Light Stretching

10 x  Michael Phelps IC 

Lap around parking lot.   



Get CMU: 100 of each exercise

Exercises SSH IC 

  1. Sumo Squats IC Tempo
  2. Curls IC     ——  Mosey  LAP
  3. Merkins IC x 50 OYO x 50
  4. Lunges 1=1 OYO  Al Gore til All-In
  5. Pendulum Swing IC  ——- Mosey LAP
  6. 50 Overhead Press OYO; 50 Chest Presses IC 
  7. Calf Raises OYO
  8. Kettle Swing IC 


10. LBCs x 100 OYO 

5 PAX (0 FNG): Bailout; Laettner; Lipton; Tomb Raider; Ups


Few things frustrate me more than procrastination.  The phrase, your failure to plan should not necessitate an emergency on my part.  My M is a procrastinator and a few of my kids are.  It plagues me.  The Dude and El Bano are not here today…b/c of procrastination.  They were still working on a term paper assigned months ago at midnight last night because the waited too long to start.  If this is you…or if you are dealing with it…here are 5 things to help you get out of the trap. 

  1. Schedule the pain – You often put off things that aren’t fun and do things you enjoy.  It may not be as bad as you think, but get the hard stuff done first.  This is why were out here at 5:30. 
  2. Prioritize your to do list based on your core values. Less guilt, more big picture.
  3. Overwhelmed – When you get behind, you often have to cram and do more than really possible inside a short deadline. Break the project into smaller pieces with timeline goals as benchmarks.
  4. Don’t be a perfectionist – Define success and get to that point. Avoid perfection.   Achieve success. 
  5. Decide to decide. Indecision spirals out of control and often causes you to not even get started. 

This morning pushed me.  I gave  blood yesterday and was still dragging a bit.  I do want to commend Zima as he reminded me yesterday that Jesus gave all his blood to me, Lifeblood was just asking for a pint.