December 29, 2017

100% chance of COLD.

AO: The Berm

QIC: O Positive

PAX:  Phat Pat, Heavyweight, Soybean, Moana, Cataract, Bookworm, Shoestring, Gus, Ozark and O Positive

CONDITIONS: 18 degrees and gnarly



*SSH x10 IC
*Ski Jacks x10 IC
•High Knees x20 IC
•Windmills x20 IC
•Cotton Pickers x20 IC
*Imperial Walkers x10 IC
•Hill Billies x10 IC

*Short mosey (1/8-1/4 mi and back to Startex)


Part 1: Monkey See.  Monkey Do.

>10  PAX separated evenly into 2 Teams: A and B


*Team A: Begin at designated cones. Sprint as a Team around nearby building and return to start.
*Team B: Burpees AMRAP (as many reps as possible) until Team A ‘all in’
*Team B: Begin at designated cones. Sprint as a Team around nearby building and return to start.
*Team A: Burpees AMRAP  until Team B ‘all in’

******(Same rotation for remainder of the THANG)******

*Run in Reverse around building/Jump Squat (AMRAP)

*Karaoke (Grapevine) around building/Mountain Climbers (AMRAP)

*Sprint/SSH (AMRAP)

*Short, s-l-o-w mosey to speed/agility ladder conveniently located nearby

Part 2: Ladder Runs

*Pax lined up against building, held wall sit.  1 by 1 the PAX would release at designated time then run to agility ladder, sprint up adjacent hill to F3 shovel flag then return to end of the line and hold wall sit until his turn arose again. 10 minutes worth of ladder work was enjoyed by all.  2nd to last round all PAX would run to ladder, bear crawl up hill around sf then return for final round. Final round: run to ladder (focused on NOT touching the ladder rungs with feet), bear crawl up hill.  Caveat: how many times a PAX feet touched the ladder determined how many Burpees he would perform at top of hill after doing Bear Crawl. 90 % success rate of Burpee avoidance.

*LBC x10 IC
•BBSU x10 IC
*Hello Dolly x10 IC
•Flutter x10 IC



>YHC was proud of his 9 brothers who made an intentional decision to climb out of that fartsack and brave the 18 degree temps .  It was bitter cold. With 2018 just days away YHC encouraged the PAX to consider setting realistic (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) Goals-not Resolutions.  Resolutions can be empty and fleeting.  The PAX were encouraged to look at areas of 1stF, 2ndF and 3rdF and ponder what they seek as we go into the New Year-and put those Goals in place.  Reminded the PAX that many brothers are already in various accountability groups (weight loss/gain) and ‘1000 Mile Ruck Challenge”, etc. and to consider joining.  F3 is what you make of it.  Garbage in.  Garbage out.   Finished with the BOM by lifting PAX prayer requests up.

*10 for a chilly beatdown. One of if not the coldest 0530 temps to-date in 2017 for an F3-Memphis BC.  Heavyweight begged, borderline dared YHC to incorporate Burpees into the routine-so YHC obliged. He knows YHC too well. 1 Scots-Irish Goodbye as Ozark politely told PAX he was out during the Ladder Runs. YHC kept the PAX in constant motion but it was still downright cold. Coffeeteria at nearby donut shop was enjoyed by 6 of the PAX.  Well done, men. Well done.