December 17, 2018

10 to 1 Buddies

THE SCENE: The foggiest of foggy mornings, leaving a cozy 36 degree temperature over the Morg.

welcomed and disclaimed.

•10 burpees

•25 SSH

•2:00 plank

•a Little Mosey around the parking lot
•Go to the field of dreams right beside STARTEX.

•knock out 50, 4 count flutter kicks.

•partner up, one partner firemen carries or piggybacks his partner to the wooden fence lining the drive (about 50-60 meters away). Once there they both did 10 to 1 dips.

•The PAX who was carried then picks up his partner and runs back to our starting position, where they both did 10 to 1 merkins.

•The PAX who was carried then picks up his partner and carries him back to the fence to do 10 to 1 squat jumps.

•The PAX who was carried then picks up his partner like a winner and runs back to do 20 burpees.

•We then ran to the pavilion.

•once there we did a 2:00 wall sit.

•Then 20 box jumps on the picnic tables.

•another 2:00 wall sit.

•Then 20 derkins.

•another juicy 2:00 wall sit.

•then 20 flutter kicks.

•surprise surprise, 1:30 wall sit.

•run back to STARTEX.

•2:00 plank

•30 Little Baby Crunches.

•20 burpees.

•1:00 plank.
9 PAX ( 2 FNGs) made the commitment this morning.

welcome The Streak and Sandy.

Orange Julius, Sleep Number, Casio, Choker, Mr. Wonderful, Woodpecker and Commie.

“The question is simple: what boats in your mind continue to float excuses and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from what you say you want? What boats in your life do you need to burn?” -Andy Andrews, The Travellers Gift

What goals do you have set? What’s your next milestone? What boats are you in that’s floating you away from where you want to be? Find what that excuse is, find that boat and burn it. Progress is made one inch at a time and success is made when utilizing past failures, triumphs , ,lessons learned and applying them aggressively.

H. L. Mencken says

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag and begin to slit throats.”

Aggressively go after your excuses and rid yourself of them, we can’t be  who we say we are or who we want to be by settling for excuses and dull comforts. Don’t be like those who when their time comes, begs for more time. Live knowing you never lived in the periphery of what you stand for.

God gave us our Strengths and motivations to be cultivated and expounded upon, not locked away under creature comforts.

Everyone’s dedication to keep pushing themselves and to the six is ever present and humbling to see.