November 13, 2019

“10 PAX enter. 1 PAX leave.” Thunderdome at the Levee

THE SCENE: Temps in the teens, felt like the ‘tweens’.  The respite from the stiff wind of yesterday was welcome.  I could hear the deer moving around at 0515 but quickly retired to the warmth of my vehicle for another welcome 10 minutes.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I’m not responsible for lost digits, lost appendages, frostbite, nor pneumonia. You can workout topless but I am not responsible for what happens if you do.  Count o’rama done, number remembered.

WARM-O-RAMA:   SSHs x 30 IC, Urpees x 20 IC, Mosey warm-up lap.
THA-THANG:   Moseyed to the batting cage, our ‘Thunderdome’ in the gloom.

A cone had been placed about 30 feet outside of the cage.  PAX filed into the cage.

  • #1 PAX ran out to the cone, completed 10 Burpees and ran back touching the home plate.  1 minute time hack.  Penalty enforced if needed.
  • 9 other PAX completed an exercise x 20 reps at the same time
    • 20 reps of Carolina Dry Docks
  • #2 PAX turn, other PAX did 20 reps of Jump Lunges (1=1)
  • #3 PAX up, other PAX did 20 Hand Release Merkins
  • #4 PAX up, other PAX did 20 Bobby Hurleys
  • Rinse and repeat the round while PAX #’s 5-8 completed the Burpee time hack challenge.
  • Rinse and repeat half the round for PAX 9 and 10.  (10 minutes total, at least 40-60 reps of each exercise)
  • #1 PAX bear crawled to the cone, completed 10 Burpees, and bear crawled back under 1 minute.  Others completed 30 reps of: Air squats, BBSUs, Merkins, Mt. Climbers.  Rinse and Repeat round until all PAX completed the time hack challenge.  (10 minutes total, at least 60-90 reps of each exercise)
  • #1 PAX crab walked to the cone, completed 10 Burpees, and crab walked back under 1 minute.  Others completed 40 secs – 1 minute of: Low Plank, Balls to the Wall, Superman, Wall sit.  Rinse and Repeat round until all PAX completed the time hack challenge.  (10 minutes total, at least 1.5 to 3 minutes of each total)

MARY:   She was frosty today but we honored her in the thunderdome.
COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:   10 PAX, 0 FNGs. Halpert, Slicnut, Rabbit, Rocket Launcher, La-Z Boy, Red Light, Boudreaux, Tomb Raider, Pronto Pup,

I, and I expect we, learn most through the ‘suck’.  The times of suffering and pain bring forth accelerated growth if one sticks to his foundation belief.

Yes, God cares deeply for our suffering.  He wants to give us more freedom, and to see us happy.  He wants us to have a great marriage, a car that works, all our bills paid, a house to sell, kids that are healthy, and job promotions.  He cares when we are suffering in these areas.

However, he wants a relationship with us MORE than our personal comfort.  He cares MORE about having a relationship with us than our marriages, functioning cars, paid bills, stable domiciles, healthy 2.0’s, and jobs.  Therefore, he allows the days of suffering to hit us.

Its in the suffering that there is an opportunity to accelerate our 3rd F.  Faith can be strengthened, our relationship with Him can increase as we relinquish our false sense of control and rely on Him.

We don’t sit back in heated arm chairs to accelerate our 1st F.  We defy the cold, rip asunder our muscles and in the process we obtain mental fortitude and new tissue growth.

Therefore, grow in faith in the suffering. If you are up on a mountain top today then take a trip down into the valley to stand shoulder to shoulder with a brother who’s going through suffering.  Because God has positioned you, equipped you, and called you to do so and the day of suffering will be upon you soon enough, guaranteed.

MOLESKIN:    Today was harder than yesterday to muster the mental strength needed to get out there.  Fortunately, I had to as the Leveeites were expecting me to and counting on me.

I encourage the disruption of the winter weather gear status quo.  The human body is adaptable.  The mind is adaptable.  Most of what we do is mental anyway.  Now, I’m not encouraging the lowering of one’s immune system to the point of making one useless as a HIM but I bet you’d learn something about yourself if you challenged yourself a bit more.  “A man must know his limits”.  I say F* that.  “A man will never know his limits if he doesn’t push up against them from time to time.”

For those of you who thought you’d never workout in 17 degree weather at 0530, well you just did!  You are more adaptable and tougher than you once thought.

No penalties were enforced.  The single PAX challenge was too easy.  That was my fault.  Placing the cone further away or increasing the burpee count would have done the trick.  Its a fine line to toe between pushing us to the edge of failure and the destruction of one’s hope.

Slater’s move postponed for the day.  Prayers requested for Slater.  Prayers for Rabbit’s M Rebecca.  Prayers for my SIL Carly, who’s recovering from back surgery.