December 2, 2018

10/27 1040zzz Halpert Substitute Q – The Lair

THE SCENE:  25° Nuff said


Since I was solo until about 5:32AM when Dial-Up appeared to keep me from a fart sack of a workout.


SSH x15 IC, Arm Circles Front x10 4 ct IC, Arm Circles Back x10 4 ct IC, Daisy Pickers x10 IC

Various exercises done at various intervals around WC Johnson park as we explored all over with some runs, call it the merkin, dip, pull up, sit up 2 mile

Did I mention it was just Dial-Up and me?  PAX accountability kept me from slacking off in the 25 degree temps when nobody had shown for the start of the workout.

Thors to 5×20, LBCs x25, 20 burpees to close

2 PAX – Halper on Q and Dial-up


Dabo Swinney speech summarized – Basically, find joy in the journey in life.  We love the mountaintops, but we were made for the journey, the valleys, the struggles.  So, find J.O.Y along the way.  Jesus, Others, Yourself.  This goes hand in hand with our theme of “I am third.”  Keep this perspective and watch out for brothers in isolation.  Keep checking in on brothers who are down, in job searches, going through struggles, help them find the JOY in things outside of the valley, help to equip them with positive influences and time fillers that follow this J.O.Y model.  I believe there’s power in the brotherhood, power that can enable JOY when we can’t seem to find it on our own.


Post to a workout to support a brother.  Don’t post because of your own selfish motives.  If it’s 25 degrees out, man up and show up.  Getting your own fitness up is a benefit to the 1st F, but being there for the Q’s COT is more important and often has an impact.  And, if you need a selfish motive, I’m better every time I hear a COT from one of you men.  Post when it’s tough.  When you EH a family member or close friend after they’ve noticed a better you, you’ll have a testament to a commitment to something greater than yourself.