January 8, 2019

1-8-18 Never go Full Bronson

THE SCENE: Warm! Wet! but not actively raining!

20 IC SSH, 10 IC Arm Circles Forwards then Back, 15 IC Daisey Pickers, 15 IC Hillbillies. Mosey round the lot ….. then to starte………. who is that????? ITS someone else!!!!…… it’s ROOMBA. ….. Back to flag….. SSH while Roomba exits vehicle blabbering something electronic….. keys…. car locked…. late…. huh??? Unplugged Roomba while we SSH and gave disclaimer. Plugged in Roomba, got some SSH in. Little Mosey back to the startex. …. Wait… more headlights… another car…. sweet….. Annex game time… booty call or drug deal. (spoiler alert…. they were just working out… but we did say Goodmorning)
A little extra Bronson. It was more than 100 yards sprinting, and our end zone was enormous. (i think)

50 Reps of an exercise. Sprint to first set of cones, bear crawl to 2nd set of cones, mosey to star and hold plank or Al Gore till All In.

  • SSH
  • LBC
  • JUMP SQUATS (We all Jump on…. alright already we all…)
  • Merkins

20 IC Freddie Mercury,  RED GREEN YELLOW light…. We also explored flashing lights….. it was a great addition adding hello Dolly to the position… brutal
3. The Roomba, The Grimace, YHC Speedy

I had this filled out, but could not figure out how to change overwrite…. such a shame. Basically….. In Biblical times a king would typically rule his people and decide what was right and wrong. The king was god like and would make images (idols) of himself. God commanded his people to not make images or idols of God and they were not to even have a king or ruler. God had already made images of himself in humanity. God created man in his image and set us to rule his creation. We are images of God. Be Images of God

YHC is highly appreciative of all the pax that continually show up week after week. It makes me want to be better.
Discussed the Equinox challenge over PLC.  The ever changing Annex Achievement flag has been active for a week.