January 2, 2018

1/6/18 Ruck Sim Preblast

This Saturday we’ll complete a ruck sim in order to prepare for the upcoming MLK Goruck events. This is a great chance to check your gear (and your mind) to make sure you’re prepared for the real thing (or at least more prepared). 

QIC: Heavyweight and Bruce

Who: All F3 Memphis PAX are welcome. If you’re registered for the MLK Goruck events on 1/13-1/14, you should make every effort to be here, especially if this will be your first Goruck event.

When: 0500-0900, Saturday, January 6th

Where: Start Point (SP) will be Panera Bread at Germantown and Trinity (map). We will proceed from there to the Mothership for 0700 bootcamp, then return to SP.

What to bring: One of the objectives of the sim is to stress-test your gear. You are highly encouraged to pack your ruck according to your event requirements, and wear the gear you plan to wear during the event. Required packing lists can be found on the event pages (links below). The Q’s will supply heavy stuff to carry in addition to your ruck.

We’ll have coffeeteria immediately after at Panera.

Remember, rucking is not about you. It’s about the guy beside you. It’s about finishing as a team. Don’t slack because you’re tired. In all likelihood, the guy next to you is more tired, so figure out a way to encourage him and shoulder his load. To paraphrase Dredd, get under the log and stay under the log, because if you’re not there struggling, it means your buddy is. Come to the sim with this mindset!

Goruck MLK Tough 1/13 – https://www.goruck.com/event-12228/
Goruck MLK Light 1/14 – https://www.goruck.com/event-12229/