January 25, 2020

1/25 Mothership BB

Warm up x 20




Lunge stretch

Mountain climbers

Tha Thing

Run to amphitheater

3 rotations

25 merkins

25 step ups

25 WWI sit ups

Run to boat house

25 merkins

25 Big Boys

25 Bobby Hurleys

Run to gravel area

25 merkins

25 jump lunges

25 American Hammers

Run to Field

25 merkins

25 yard sprint in grass

25 LBCs

Run to Hills

25 merkins

10 sprints up the hill – jog down

25 Flutters

Run to benches

25 merkins

30 seconds jump up the concrete walk

25 box cutters

Run to start X

Mary- LOL, Boat/Canoe, Plank, 20 Merkins, J-Lo’s,

Word – Purpose

What is your purpose? Why are you here?

What drives you?

PAX – @Laettner (Q), @Tremor, @OrangeJulius, @OPositive, @Brutus, @Easily Amused, @Farmer, @Dewey,

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