January 15, 2020

1/15 ao old forest (manny)

    Ao: old forest, still dark, slight rain and very wet.

    Good morning everyone just a fair warning I am not a professional, please exercise at your own risk. But seriously go at your own pace if needed and modify the workout as you see necessary.

    Side straddle hope (20)

    daisy pickers (20)

    hillibillies (20)

    imperial walkers (20)

    short missy lap around playground


    Partner up

    Round 1: 200 big boy sit ups

    Partner 1: sit ups

    Partner 2: karaoke one leg, run around park, Karaoke other leg

    Switch till you hit 200 total, plank till everyone’s done

    Round 2: 200 bicycle kicks

    Partner 1: bicycle kicks

    Partner 2: same as round 1

    Round 3: 100 v-ups

    Partner 1: v-ups

    Partner 2: lunge to other end of loop, run back and switch

    plank till done.

Cool down:

2 laps around playground

Merkins in cadence (20)

American hammers (20)

  • MARY:

    COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 13 total
    Alter boy, MIB, Teachers pet, Mudslide, squeegee, stripes, Dewey, upgrade, easily amused, handsy, bottomless, Manny (VQ)

    irish goodbye: 1 windex

    It’s 2020, it’s a new year and a new decade. This is a season where a lot of people make changes or goals. In my personal life I just graduated college and moved to Memphis. I’ve loved a lot of it buts it’s had a lot of difficulties with it. But I’ve pushed through and embraced the change of life that I’m currently in. What change will you embrace this week.

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Manny (VQ)
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