January 18, 2021

0200– Hour 9 of “The Bauer”

The Scene: 0200 in the morning Saturday, flurries tapering off.

Disclaimer : We are not professionals, nor are we paid to be here.   If you did, you was suckered.  Listen to your body.



15= Cherry pickers

30 secs stretch out legs

mousy to end of the drive. Circle up then form a line and Indian run to Poplar Pike back down to startex. Basically forming a paper clip.

Tha Thang: 2 rounds of cards(1-4 cards and 1 wild) and dice(6 sides)  .. circle up pass the box each pax picks and exercise.  Pax pick card and roll dice, Multi the card chosen and the roll of the die.  That gave us the number of reps per that exercise.  Being late in the night and early morning.  The goal was to keep the PAX mind fresh and performing.  After 2 rounds it was time to move along to the open grass area.  Where each pax threw the tennis ball and we sprinted to the balls location.


The Mary:  Numerous yoga and stretching movements

COT:  At the time we had 6 PAX in the hunt for 24 hrs, advised them to listen to your body. Keep pushing and good luck. Thank you for let me just be a small portion of your journey.  No matter what have fun.






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