January 18, 2021

0100 Bauer Hour 8 – 24x24s

1 am in the morning. Snow flurries were falling. Lactic acid was building in the muscles. The fire was calling. The bourbon was flowing. Sleepiness was settling in. My knee was in pain. But we are men. We press on. We endure.


Welcome to hour 8. I am not a professional. Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself (like me). Modify if necessary.

The goal of my Q was to hit 24 various Blazing Saddle AO locations and do 24 reps of each exercise in each location. This leaves about 1.875 minutes per exercise and must include moseying to the next location. It was going to be crazy, it was going to be fast and furious, it was going to burn. I was the timer, so when I finished, we all moved on.


  • SSH x 24 @ Startex


  • No Surrenders x 24 @ Playground 1
  • WW1 Situps x 24 @ Playground 2
  • Hand Release Merkins (6 at each corner) @ Tennis Courts
  • Lunge Walks x 24 across The Small Field
  • Step Ups or Box Jumps x 24 @ the Fountain
  • Peter Parkers x 24 @ the Covid Lot
  • Burpee Dans 4 x (5 Lunge Walks + 1 Burpee) Across the Large Field
  • Derkins x 24 @ the Timber Logs
  • Jump Ups to Turkish Getups x 24 @ the Wagons
  • Trail Run x 24 yards into the Woods (Caveman or Evan Almighty experienced a cramp. There were so many “Volunteers” who said they would be glad to stop the beatdown and go “help him” back to startex, however he pulled through and pushed onward)
  • Dips x 24 at the Pavilion
  • Squats x 24 in the Sand Field
  • Overhead Press x 24 @ the Sand Bag Pile
  • Pull-ups / Chin-Ups x 24 @ the Stables
  • Bonnie Blairs x 24 @ the Gravel Lot
  • Wall Sit x 24 seconds @ the Sand Building IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 24 (2 is 1) @ the Sand Pit
  • Rock Curls x 24 @ the Rock Pile
  • Monkey Humpers x 24 in the Horse Arena IC
  • Clock Merkins x 24 (6 at each quarter hour) on the Arena Stairs
  • Balls to the Wall x 24 Seconds @ the Coffee Barn IC


We had some extra time (not sure how) so we added to Mary

  • Flutter kicks x 24 @ Endex
  • Gas Pumps x 24 @ Endex
  • Freddy Mercury x 24 @ Endex
  • Plank until Time

12 Beasts

Caveman, Evan Almighty, Hello Kitty, Hobo, Landline, Lochte, Orange Julius, Paper Cut, Paper Trail, Ricky Bobby, Slater, Upgrade

Set goals and then set out to accomplish those goals. Each man in my shield lock sets about 3 goals at the beginning of each month and we all strive towards accomplishing those goals. We don’t always win and meet those goals but we become better men for trying. Challenged the men to set 2 goals a month (24 total, get it?) and strive to meet those goals.

We missed 1 extra stop where we were going to do Tire Squat flips, but I was unable to find the pile of tires that I was told were on site.

Kudos to Hobo and Speaker for spearheading the Bauer and making it come to fruition. A major thanks to Wheezer who organized all the food and cooked all the meals, Moneyball as well for helping prep the meals. Thank you to all who took the time to show up. Thank you to all those who cleaned up afterwards. To all those who brought items like snacks, water, coffee, beer, bourbon. Thank you to Chef for the wood and all the men who brought fire pits. Kudos to the 3 people who brought chairs, LOL. Next time I’ll bring one too. All of you made it a success! Bravo! I applaud each and every one of you. And to the 4 beastly men who completed all 24 in a row, you have my RESPECT. You set a goal and you accomplished it, and you should be very proud of that. And to Slater and Lochte, you also have my respect. I know what it’s like to feel pain and have to bow out of a workout. Especially when you can mentally move on, but your body says no. You are beasts for going as long as you did. Cheers to next year!

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