July 21, 2018

0 Days Without a Lost Time Accident

An absolutely beautiful 80 degrees with a nice breeze.  Perfect day to get after it.

Did it, except for the part about watching where you step.

SSH (10 in cadence, 10 silent).

Warning was given that there would be a penalty if we didn’t all finish together. A few PAX were out of sync by rep 3, so the penalty was a foregone conclusion:  10 burpees OYO.

Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Mosey to field behind the stage.

Note: This was originally going to be an Indian Run, with the last person  sprinting to the front while pulling a rolling cooler full of water bottles and leaving it there for the next last person to sprint with.  However, I Omaha’d on that for three reasons:  1) it was not oppressively hot,  2) we had to park in the farther lot because of ANOTHER private event closing the normal lot, and 3) that cooler was freaking heavy.  So PAX were advised to grab a bottle out of the cooler and bring it with them on a normal mosey to the stage.

This morning’s THANG was Ultimate Frisbee with penalty burpees.  (Note:  this plan was shamelessly stolen from Granola’s workouts last December and June.)  I had arrived early and set out cones in the field behind the stage to mark an official length UF field; 64 meters from end zone to end zone, with a field width of 37 meters.

In an effort to keep teams somewhat even, and to add a little extra smokeage to the PAX, teams were determined by a series of sprints.  All PAX lined up on one goal line and sprinted to the opposite end zone.  The fastest person assumed the plank position in that end zone, and the slowest jogged back to the other and planked there.  Remaining PAX raced again back to the original end zone, where the fastest person planked with the slowest from heat 1, and the slowest jogged back and planked with the fastest from heat 1.  Rinse and repeat until everyone was in a team.

*Note:  This sucked.

Now with everyone gassed, we began play.  The rules were simple:  the offense can only move the disc by throwing it.  Any incompletion results in a turnover to the other team.  Any contact results in a foul and a turnover.  The first F3 twist was that any time the disc touched the ground for any reason, all PAX (on both teams) had to immediately perform 2 burpees.  Each person could resume play as soon as his 2 burpees were complete.  The second F3 twist was that the scoring team assigned the mode of transport with which the other team had to shamefully slink back to the other end zone.

Modes of transport that were used:  Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Army Crawl, and some questionable skipping movement that we shall not discuss further (NTTAWWT).

Things went swimmingly until about the 47th minute (darn you World Cup for introducing me to this unholy and abhorrent method of timekeeping), when Slicnut attempted to pass the disc to me.  It was a beautiful throw, right on line and just a few feet above my head.  With incredible grace belying my substantial girth, I leaped into the air and grabbed the disc.  The East German judge gave me a 0 for the dismount; I came down and rolled the same ankle that I nearly broke a few weeks ago at Captain Obvious’s Morg Q.  I’m pretty sure our PG-rating was maintained, but I very nearly added a 4th F to the group.

Play was suspended due to injury with the team of Captain Obvious, Choker, C-Lo, Corky, Gus, O Positive, and Slicnut winning a narrow victory.  Tree Hugger headed back to STARTEX to move my truck to a closer lot, while Captain Obvious and Costello went in search of a golf cart, stretcher, or LifeFlight pilot to perform the extraction.  While they were doing that, Gus, the ultimate HIM, took charge and led the remaining ambulatory PAX in an impromptu Mary.

This is what I think happened; however, I was a bit preoccupied with icing my ankle and trying not to splash.

Flutter Kicks IC
Jane Fondas IC
Something Else IC

14 PAX (1 FNG):  Captain Obvious, Choker (QIC), C-Lo, Corky, Costello, Crowder, Gus, Nature Boy, O Positive, Riblet (FNG), Shiplap, Slicnut, Teacher’s Pet, Tree Hugger

I’ve been reading through the QSource lately, and with GrowRuck coming in September I’ve been thinking a lot about my Joker.  3 of the first 4 QPoints deal with the royal family of leadership development: the King (physical fitness), the Queen (diet and nutrition), and the Joker (whatever each man’s personal stumbling block is).

Since joining F3, I’ve been doing pretty well with my King.  Unless I’m traveling, I generally post 4-5 times a week.  But my personal Joker seems to be ignoring my Queen.  Because I post on most days, I fool myself into thinking I can eat whatever I want.  I try to out-King my Queen, which does not work.

With GrowRuck on the horizon, I have realized that the best way I can prepare for it is to drop as much body weight as I can in a healthy way to make up for the extra weight we’ll be carrying in the Ruck.  I don’t have a very strong track record of doing that alone, which I why I brought this up in my COT – I need accountability.

Unexpected bonus:  as I was about to close the COT, O Positive asked me what form of accountability I was looking for.  I was not aware that F3Memphis already has a group of guys working on this exact thing, using the #pound-for-pound channel on Slack.  Ask, and ye shall receive.  Thanks, F3!

Captain Obvious and Costello returned cartless, stretcherless, and pilotless.  However, their diligence was greatly appreciated by YHC.  Tree Hugger rolled up a few minutes later in my truck, disregarded the signage and obstacles intended to prevent vehicles from entering the park, and entered the park.  At first I was worried this would incur the wrath of whoever was on duty, but if someone had been on duty I would have been in a golf cart by then.  Corky and Slicnut got in a little extra Mary by buddy-carrying me to the truck.  Thanks brothers!

GrowRuck.  Do it.