October 9, 2019

0 days since last work related incident.

THE SCENE: So chilly we warmed up fast

IC 45 Rapid SSH, 10 Daisey Pickers, 10 Windmills, 10 Hillbillies
Grimace said he would be pre running pulling his ole dumb tire so I had my eyes peeled pulling into the empty lot safely later than he suggested starting. I saw no Grimace…. however I did spy a tire sitting in the lot. We enjoy tires….. so i opted to ignore the planned workout and go off the rails.

Mosey to tire….. picked up tire. carried tire to playground. All pax do AMRAP merkins while in succession each pax takes a turn tossing the tire over the top of the tall swing set 3xs. YHC demoed this by standing near the swingset facing away and tossing the tire up over my head and behind me to clear the top bar. An unnamed pax decided to try to toss it facing the swing set and tossing it up and in front of him…. a granny shot if you will. Tires which strike the top bar may ricochet back into your face. Unnamed pax took the rubber to the face like a man and caused his father to LOL.

After all in we moseyed to the CC Wall while Couch Potato whipped into the lot. (disclaimed). All pax wall sit while one pax lunge walks past. Another pax is running across the football field to the other side and back carrying the tire.

Mosey to pavilion….. Pax were asked if they wanted a timed exercise…… or a pyramid exercise. They chose the pyramid.

  • 1Pullup, 2 Merkins, 3 BBSU
  • 2Pullup, 4 Merkins, 6 BBSU
  • you get this picture
  • 6Pullup, 12 Merkins, 18 BBSU
  • Then back down
  • 36 Pullups, 72 Merkins, 108 BBSU total

Mosey to flag with Tire….. toss tire in truck for garbage pick up …. were not savages Mr. Wolf…. who is mary?
6 Gunshow, Gomer, Tremor, Couch Potato, Grimace, Speedy
Look for tires in your lot
Couch Potato can knock out some Pull ups. …… Tremor said he wasn’t sore after fridays merkin marathon…….