February 27, 2020

♪ Steps, Stones, Suicides, and Shuffles May Break my Bones but Mumblechatter Will Never Hurt Me ♪

THE SCENE:     Above freezing. Dark, early, quite among the ruins of the once vibrant Italian eatery where years ago I once celebrated birthdays, and waited tables (in Pittsburgh).  Did you know they have a Spaghetti Warehouse in Barcelona?  Now you do.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I am not a professional basketball player but we will pretend that we are today.

WARM-O-RAMA:   SSHs x 20 IC, Daisey Pickers x 10 IC, High Knees x 10 IC, Stretch what you need (30 sec).

THA-THANG:   Mosey to bluff stairs and down.  Thought I forgot something, back up.  Nope, back down.  Yeah, I forgot something, back up.  Nope, back down again.  Jogged to the bouncy hoop courts.

Shuffled in a defensive posture from one corner across the width of one court, zigging to opposite side, then along the second court’s perimeter, zagging across to the opposite side, zigging along the far court’s perimeter zigging and zagging back to start.

Distributed golf ball size stones to each PAX.  Performed one suicide (ladder) run back and forth across the three half courts placing the stone down on each line and picking it up to race back and forth ensuring that we touched each line.

With two basketballs, two PAX held a high plank on the basketball while the third PAX completed one suicide.  Upon return the third PAX would switch off and resume the high plank on the basketball.  Upon return the last PAX would swap out.

20 count cool down. Repeat the dbl figure 8 defensive shuffle.

Rinse and Repeat the stone suicide drill, 1 PAX running while two performed Irkins on the picnic tables.  20 count cool down. Shuffle

Rinse and Repeat stone suicide drill, with Derkins. 20 count cool down. Shuffle

Rinse and Repeat dribbling suicide drill, with Box jumps. 20 count cool down. Shuffle

Rinse and Repeat stone suicide drill, with b-ball high planks.

jog back.  This time I didn’t forget anything behind.  Once up the stairs.

MARY:   Flutter kicks x 20 IC, J-Lo x 10 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:   3 PAX, 0 FNGs; Dawson, Altar Boy, Tomb Raider

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Your ways are in full view of the Lord.

Proverbs 5:21-23  “Your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths.  The evil deeds of the wicked ensnare them; the cords of their sins hold them fast. For lack of discipline they will die, led astray by their own great folly.”

Seek righteousness, obey the Father and be disciplined in your faith.  God sees us, cares for us, knows us, disciplines us, and wants desperately to be in a stronger relationship with you and I.

MOLESKIN:   So, my original plan was to do some drills and lplay pick up games with penalties for such things like missed shots, turnovers . . . etc.  But the hoops were stored away and apparently you can have fun on a court without hoops.  I kept thinking that one of the cars driving by would pull over and ask for our autographs as they mistook us for Grizz players.  Alas, no one did.  Its just as well since I didn’t have a pen on me anyway.

Great to have Altar Boy back out there.  He wasn’t too slow after his bouts with health!

Prayers for the balance of grace/love/truth in how we mentor those in the Way.  Great conversations were had regarding homosexuality and being Love while standing on the truth.

Prayers for Casey Cooper.  We had a blast donning those Spiderman costumes for the pic.  Unfortunately, no cares drove by to see us at 0550.  We would have caused a wreck.

Prayers for Farmer’s speedy recovery from a knee and hernia injuries.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Brew Ruck April 25th.  Get those 3rd F opportunities in!

Tomb Raider
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